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Respected Inland Empire Lawyer Advises on Legal Separation

Southern California firm assists clients who seek an alternative to divorce

Sometimes, spouses no longer wish to live together but choose to remain married for religious, financial or other reasons. In these cases, legal separation can be a suitable option. My Rancho Cucamonga firm, the Law Offices of Dan Peelman, PC, explains each aspect of California legal separation law and guides clients through every step of the process. Through negotiations or mediation, my firm can help you come to a separation agreement with your spouse that addresses issues such as the use of the marital home, child custody and spousal support. With over 25 years of experience, I can help you overcome conflicts and move ahead with confidence.

Skillful Rancho Cucamonga attorney handles the separation process

Starting with an initial consultation, my firm will guide you through the legal separation option so that you make a decision that is in the best interests of you and your children. I will cover issues such as:

  • California’s legal separation process — My firm works with clients to complete the relevant documents petitioning for separation and providing information on any minor children that the couple shares. The timeframe to complete the separation is similar to that in a divorce.
  • How it differs from divorce — Like divorce, separation is based on a declaration of irreconcilable differences between the parties. However, the parties do remain legally married even though they are not living together.
  • Reasons — In addition to religious or parenting reasons, some people choose to stay married so that they can retain benefits such as health insurance coverage or survivorship payments. Legal separation sometimes cancels these benefits, so I examine the relevant policies to determine how you will be affected.

Legal separation is available both for married couples and for people who are in domestic partnerships. No matter what your goals are, my firm will provide the complete information and support you need to accomplish your objectives.

Contact an experienced California legal separation lawyer for an consultation

The Law Offices of Dan Peelman, PC represents Inland Empire clients in legal separations and other family law matters. Please call 909-257-0291 or contact me online to schedule an initial consultation at my office in Rancho Cucamonga.