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Skilled Rancho Cucamonga Child Support Law Firm

Dedicated Rancho Cucamonga firm handles enforcement and modification

Most people know that the parent who does not have residential custody is required to help pay for their child’s needs, but the situation can be complicated. An experienced California attorney can help you understand legal obligations and enforce your child’s rights. At the Law Offices of Dan Peelman, PC in Rancho Cucamonga, I have provided effective representation to Inland Empire parents for over 25 years. Whether you’re looking to negotiate initial terms or need advice on the enforcement or modification of an existing order, my firm will ensure that accurate information is presented to the court.

Inland Empire attorney explains guidelines for paying and recipient parents

With more than two decades of experience handling child custody and support matters, I can advise you on what you can expect by explaining aspects of California law such as:

  • Who pays — In most cases, the parent who spends less time taking care of the child is responsible for paying to help meet the child’s needs.
  • Factors in the rate — California uses a formula that takes into account both parents’ income, spousal support/alimony payments, health insurance costs and the amount of time that each parent spends with the child. Though this calculation might seem straightforward, misleading or false information could hurt you and your child. My firm identifies potential problems and fights for a fair outcome.
  • When child support ends — Child support must be provided until a son or daughter turns 18. However, if a 19-year-old is still in high school, payments must continue until they graduate. The obligation to provide support also ends when a child marries. Sometimes parents make arrangements to cover college costs beyond the date of legal obligation.

In an initial consultation, I will show how the formula applies to your situation and if any special circumstances exist that might affect the outcome.

Determined advocate litigates child support disputes

My firm skillfully negotiates child support arrangements on behalf of payer and recipient parents. I also handle enforcement actions if a support order is being violated. If you are not receiving required payments, I can immediately petition the court for appropriate relief such as wage garnishment until the balance is paid. When conditions change and fairness demands an adjustment to the child support rate, my firm brings modification requests to the court for review and approval.

Contact a California lawyer for an consultation regarding a child support issue

The Law Offices of Dan Peelman, PC advises Inland Empire clients on child support matters, including initial orders, modifications and enforcement. Please call 909-257-0291 or contact me online to schedule an initial consultation at my office in Rancho Cucamonga.