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Rancho Cucamonga Lawyer Works to Reach Fair Spousal Support/Alimony Terms

Accomplished advocate counsels clients on spousal support laws

When a divorce occurs, establishing fair financial terms can be a difficult task, especially if one spouse remained at home while the other earned income. California law authorizes alimony for parties whose earning ability does not match that of their ex-husband or wife. However, it takes an effective matrimonial litigator to ensure that proper information is presented to the court and to enforce spousal support/alimony orders. At the Law Offices of Dan Peelman, PC in Rancho Cucamonga, I help clients understand the factors that govern spousal support determination and pursue an appropriate result under the law.

Dedicated Inland Empire attorney outlines spousal support/alimony eligibility factors

Whether an ex-spouse is awarded payments after divorce depends on numerous factors, which may include:

  • Earning ability — Judges look at whether a person has the job skills to maintain their standard of living after they are no longer living with their husband or wife. In some cases, spousal support/alimony will be set for a period that allows them to obtain the training they need to establish or regain their ability to support themselves.
  • Marital contributions — Sometimes, a spouse has made a significant contribution to their partner’s income potential by funding their spouse’s education or taking care of household responsibilities. These sacrifices can be considered during a spousal support evaluation.
  • Age, health and child-care responsibilities — If a person cannot earn a suitable income because of their age, health problems or the need to take care of their children, that might justify a spousal support/alimony award.

During an initial consultation, I will assess these and other factors in your case and tell you what to expect.

Thorough firm handles temporary and permanent spousal support issues

Once a spouse files for divorce, temporary spousal support can be ordered so that both parties can meet their financial needs while the dissolution process is pending. Payments are often awarded based on a formula that is used for both temporary and permanent spousal support/alimony determinations. This calculation factors in the income of each party, the duration of the marriage and the age of the supported spouse in order to set a rate. Usually, the duration of permanent spousal support, if awarded, is tied to the length of the marriage. Spousal Support/alimony for unions that lasted 10 years or fewer is limited to half the duration of the marriage. My firm will examine all of the relevant facts and guide you toward a resolution that respects your rights.

Contact a knowledgeable California lawyer for an consultation regarding spousal support/alimony

The Law Offices of Dan Peelman, PC assists Inland Empire clients with spousal support/alimony determinations and other divorce issues. Please call 909-257-0291 or contact me online to schedule an initial consultation at my office in Rancho Cucamonga.